Showering My Maids

This is a little different than my previous posts. I wanted to share all the nitty gritty details about my bridesmaid gifts because, honestly, I’m obsessed with them. In truth though, I would’ve never been able to do them without my fiancé. He came in clutch.

I got some of my ideas off of Pinterest (obvi). But I knew that I wanted to put my own spin on them. I found these precious boxes at Michael’s with a magnetic clasp:
Forgive me for not taking a photo of my actual boxes beforehand, but these are similar ones I bought for my flower girls. The only difference being that these are square and that my bridesmaids got circular ones.

I knew I really wanted to stain them a darker color so that if I decided to put their monogram or initial on top it would stand out more. I drug Lance to the nearest Home Depot and he helped me choose a stain and polyurethane protective coat for the shine. After asking him kindly, he graciously spent the next 2 days staining the outside. Then he finished the inside stain after I told him it just didn’t look complete with only the outside done. What would I do without him?!

I googled to find the perfect flower/leaf border I wanted on the lid. I drew it on with pencil before tracing it with a gold sharpie. I drew the initials on after deciding that one letter would probably look better than their whole monogram (especially since some are not married). I thought they turned out gorgeous.


I knew that I wanted the invitation/request card to be the first thing they saw after opening up their personalized box so it didn’t take me long to come up with what I wanted to say after looking up a couple different wording options on Pinterest. What do you think?


After looking at a few of my inspiration pieces I knew I wanted the box to include what their hair, dress and bouquets would look like on the day of. Here’s what I ended up going with:


I ended up going back and adding our wedding hashtag to that first card.


I added notes on the back of each card to explain it a little farther.
Once all the details were added, I tied them up with rope that I got from the dollar section at Target.

And of course, I threw in nail polish for good measure. My MOH got the same color as everyone else, as well as sparkles in the same shade. I added some paper grass confetti to fill in the boxes a bit (extra tidbit of info: stick with Sally Hansen polish to save $$).

Once it all came together I tied the outside up and added some name tags.

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Materials List:
-boxes from Michael’s
-craft paper from Michael’s
-stain and polyurethane from Home Depot
-gold sharpie and black Papermate Flair pen
-paper grass and craft tape from Hobby Lobby
-leaf die cut was actually from my basement but you can buy these in several different shapes/sizes from your local craft store
-rope from Target dollar section


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